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Another Networking Trick

Leonicka Valcius: Another Networking Trick

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another Networking Trick

In my previous post about networking I failed to mention the final trick up my sleeve. Honestly, I was trying to deny the power of my  secret weapon but it has served me well for 2 months and I’m sure it will for a few more years.

That’s right. My $16 Mockingjay pin has been the best icebreaker ever. Because it is a statement piece, everyone does a double-take when they see it. Those who have read The Hunger Games trilogy and recognize it give me a knowing smile and the awkwardness melts away. Those who don’t recognize it are fascinated by my “beautiful brooch.” “Is it an antique?” one woman asked me yesterday. My boss laughed when I recounted the story. “You should have told her it’s from the future!”

Anyone can use this trick to their advantage. Simply find a piece that suits your industry and personality.  If I were in gaming I’d probably wear Mario Kart Golden Mushroom earrings. If I were in animation maybe I would have a cool tote bag made of stills from Disney/Pixar films. Do you have any pieces that you use as icebreakers? Share in the comments!

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