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Spite the Power

Leonicka Valcius: Spite the Power

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spite the Power

Hooray for more articles! This one was covering a talk by Reena Katz at the University of Toronto Art Centre. It was a learning experience for multiple reasons.

First, I had the opportunity to be exposed to a critical subject matter about which, I must admit, I was very ignorant. The talk got me thinking about the issue and willing to learn more about it. I am even considering reading Said's book in my spare time.

Second, the article was very difficult to write. I was out of my element. It wasn't a review so I couldn't simply give my opinion and the subject matter did not lend itself to witticisms. But with the help of the section editor, I think I wrote a decent piece.

As always the title links to the article.

Note 1: I didn't come up with the title. I only wish I were so clever!
Note 2: Someone commented on my article on the website! My article is spurring discussion! Woot!

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