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BDE: Update 3

Leonicka Valcius: BDE: Update 3

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BDE: Update 3

Wow. I totally forgot about this. That should tell you the approximate success of my strategies.

That's not to say I haven't had my good days. But they certainly weren't best days. And they certainly didn't come as often as I would like. Strategy 1 failed. Saying hi to strangers is too hard. Strategy 2 failed because of sheer laziness.

Looking at what makes my good days good and my blah days blah, I've noticed that routine and monotony induces the "flatline" feeling. After awhile the days just run together and everything seems gray and dull. Conversely the happy days are marked by productivity and novelty.

Which leads me to Strategy 3: "Complete at least one task and/or do one new thing every day." Now I already know the "productivity" part of that strategy is going to fail; I'm a chronic procrastinator. (Yes, I know it's a terrible character trait. I'll fix it... later. :P) The novelty thing shouldn't be too difficult though. Especially with summer coming soon.

If you have any other tips and strategies or general words of encouragement, feel free to leave a comment. Ta ta for now!

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