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Superman must have been a contortionist...

Leonicka Valcius: Superman must have been a contortionist...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Superman must have been a contortionist...

I spent the day working in a telephone booth. You know the ones: red, very British looking? Yeah, those. They look absolutely lovely from the outside. But from the inside... well, claustrophobic would be putting it lightly.

Granted I was outside most of the time, and it was actually two booths put together. But still. When I had to fill out my paperwork at the end of the day I was twisting and turning trying to find a comfortable position.

Which brings me to Superman. Didn't he used to change in these things? From unassuming Clark Kent to the amazing Superman? That's incredible! I mean he was what, six feet tall at the very least? I'm a measly 5' 5" and felt like a sardine in that thing! Was the Man of Steel more malleable than once presumed? He had to be. Only explanation for it. Superman: faster than a speeding bullet, more flexible than a bendy straw.

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