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Leonicka Valcius

Leonicka Valcius: September 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This is our Jerry Springer moment

You know that shocked emote? Not the jaw-dropped one, the bug-eyed one. Y'know... this one: O_O

That was my face throughout the entire play. Wait, no. That's not true. There was lots of this XD too.

I was shocked by how explicit and unabashed the play was as a whole. But what was even more surprising was how not offended I was. I mean the tag line was "Prepare to be offended all over again" and yet there I was LMAOing away not stopping to think "This is so wrong." Or worse. Maybe I did no it was wrong but simply didn't care. Jerry Springer: The Opera appealed to the train-wreck watcher in me that was so busy watching the disaster unfold that she never even wondered if anyone was hurt.

Perhaps that was the message of the play: to force ourselves to wonder what kind of people watch shows like Jerry Springer (or for that matter any of the reality shows on TV) day after day and yet still cling to this delusion that they are above it all.

The title links to the theatre review I wrote of Hart House's production of Jerry Springer: The Opera. Enjoy!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Season Preview: Being Erica

This is my first article for the Varsity this year. I watched the season premier on Tuesday and was not at all disappointed. It really is great show. I encourage EVERYONE to watch it.

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